Alex Allinson

Alex, co owner and chief engineer since 2019, has been a part of The Bridge family since 2011. While his general tastes typically lie within heavy, ambient and sometimes technical music, he has a creatively diverse background not only as a producer but as a musician as well. With every project Alex loves to experiment with outboard gear, guitar pedals, and different amps to help create a unique sonic space. He approaches each session with energy, a fresh perspective, and is always looking for new ways to grow his creative process. No matter the genre, vision or scope of your project, expect Alex to approach it with detail, creativity, and an unwavering sense of commitment.


As a dedicated member of the Boston music scene for over a decade Alex was acknowledged as ‘People’s Choice’ by the Boston Music Awards in 2020 and is incredibly proud to serve such a creatively diverse, vibrant community.


“I’m stingy with accolades but Alex Allinson is a great in the making, a diamond desperate to shine. He’s committed to being his personal best. He’s also committed to helping others achieve their best. I’ve never felt so much like I had a person in my corner, an engineer who listens in every sense of the word.” – Nicholas Pentabona, BEDTIMEMAGIC


“Alex is not only an incredible engineer, mixer, producer but also an amazing person. After first meeting and recording together in 2016, I have chosen to work almost exclusively with him ever since with my band The Rupert Selection, on numerous solo releases and various other projects throughout the years. His attention to detail and engineering/mixing abilities are unmatched and you literally won’t find a nicer and more dedicated person to work with. I honestly can’t recommend Alex enough, he’s the best. 10/10” – Reilly Somach, The Rupert Selection


“I cannot overstate what a joy it is to work with Alex. Knock Over City went in to The Bridge to do a single & he was perfect. He’s thoughtful, knowledgeable, & patient – not to mention the Bridge itself is an excellent place to record. I’m VERY nitpicky & Alex consistently fixed issues before I could even bring them up. He never offered an un-asked for opinion & the production touches he added were so seamless that I can no longer play the songs without hearing them. We’re going back in a few weeks & I couldn’t be more excited to work with him again. You owe it to yourself to work with Alex.” – Nunzio DiBenedetto, Knock Over City