The Arcitype

Janos Fulop (p.k.a. The Arcitype) has been playing music his whole life and professionally producing and releasing music for almost 20 years. He launched a record label, AR Classic Records in the same year that he founded The Bridge Sound & Stage with partner Owen Curtin over a decade ago.


Over the years, Arc has touched a vast number of projects released in the New England area and beyond, whether by means of recording, mixing, mastering or producing the tracks from the ground up, which often includes all of the above. Having won Boston Music Awards for Producer Of The Year (3x), Album Of The Year and Single Of The Year (with his band STL GLD), an ASCAP songwriter award, as well as charting on Billboard with multiple projects, Arc has become a trusted name for quality and creative approach to elevate the music he works on.


“I can be difficult sometimes in the process of making music. I am a perfectionist. I can torture myself and others with it’s not good enough. I isolate. I don’t let people into my process. A song is never done until it’s out. I don’t generally want to work with anyone I don’t know who doesn’t understand my vision. The Arcitype is an incredible producer and one of my most trusted confidants. He talks me off the cliff. His attention to detail is impeccable. He’s sensible and even keeled when I can’t be. He has great talent musically and a tremendous work ethic. My projects have my name on the cover but at this point they’re just as much his records as mine. A true producer doesn’t just make beats, he orchestrates an album and understands the emotion, stories, nuances and the context of where it lives and where the artist is. He knows where I’ve already been musically and puts wings on where we are going next. This guy gets the best out of me. I just want to publicly express my gratitude for a great friend and one of the best producers in the world, The Arcitype.” – Slaine, La Coka Nostra


“The Arcitype is someone who I can truly put my trust in when it comes to recording and making music. He has that gift of being able to produce, arrange, mix and master all at the highest level. My music always goes to a certain, special place when I work with him.” – Jared Evan