When asked, “Can we try this” Mertz’s #1 response is, “We are the masters of the universe, we can do whatever we want”.


Mertz is a producer, engineer & artist who has been a part of The Bridge family since late 2016. As a DIY artist himself, he has been producing, writing, recording & engineering music since 2001. After amassing his foundational knowledge through tireless independent study from engineers like Matthew Weiss & Nastee, Mertz refined his skills through hands-on experience during his internship at The Bridge, which was fast-tracked & landed him a position as a house engineer in early 2017.


As someone who holds a degree in Communication Science, Mertz views music as a source of communication at its core. He prides himself in his ability to pinpoint the forefront emotion of a song, & utilizes his skills to enhance that emotion through recording & mixing techniques. In the end, every decision he makes throughout the process is working towards the goal of communicating the core emotion of the song to the listener.


Though his primary genres of focus are Hip Hop & R&B, Mertz is constantly expanding his repertoire. He has worked on projects spanning genres from Folk to Rock to Pop & will always continue to diversify his sonic pallet. With years of experience on both the artistic & the scientific sides of music, Mertz brings his unique insight, attention to detail, & uninhibited nature to every project he is involved with. He is familiar with every step of the music creation process & is ready to contribute to your project, no matter what stage it’s currently in.


“Mertz gives me the freedom & ability to create exactly what I had in mind going into the session. He has the knowledge & gives trustworthy input into each song. You can tell he loves what he does & genuinely enjoys creating together.” – Camden Murphy


“I love working with Mertz because he provides a safe space for me to be physically and creatively. I can be my most vulnerable and fierce self while creating with him. We push each other to reach further than we imagined as artists. I’m not the best at communicating my vision through words, but somehow Mertz just gets it.” – Genie Santiago


“Working with Mertz changed the way I make music.” – Cody Pope