Studio A is our highest quality option for both recording and mixing. Its control room, originally designed by Michael Blackmer during the Fort Apache years, has been reimagined through the lens of a musician, comfortably laid out for creativity, and treated extensively for sonic accuracy. In addition to a vast, diverse selection of outboard gear, first choice access to our entire mic collection, and three different sets of high-end reference monitors, our chief engineers exclusively work out of this room. Studio A also has access to our capacious live room and has the ability to record in multiple isolation rooms simultaneously. With such flexibility in sound, set up and logistics, artists can confidently book Studio A for all projects of any size or scope. 


Technical Info

Pro Tools Ultimate 2020.1148 CH I/O capacityHear Technologies Hearback System, 8 available mixersCB Technologies TMC-1 Monitor ControllerKomplete Kontrol S88 Keyboard controllerGenelec 1031A’s, Genelec 7070A Subwoofers (2), Dynaudio M3s, Augspurger Sub 18 (2), and Yamaha NS10s---We have an extensive selection of plugins, software and virtual instruments in Studio A. If there is something specific you are looking for feel free to ask!

Universal Audio 2-610 (2)Neve 1073LB (6)Rupert Neve Designs 511 (2)API 312 (4)BAE 312A (5)Grace Design m801 (8)SSL Alpha VHD (4)BAE 1073MPDaking 500 (2)Avedis Audio MA5 (2)DIYRE CP5s (2)

Tube-Tech CL1B CompressorEL8 Distressor Compressor (4)Universal Audio LA2AUrei 1176 CompressorUrei LA-3A Compressor (2)Urei LA-4A Compressor (2)API 527 (2)Dbx 160A Compressor (2)Dbx 160XT Compressor (1)Dbx 266XL CompressorJLM LA500 (2)Aphex Comp 500 (2)DIY.RE Colour Pallett (2)SSL 611

SSL 611 (6)Trident 80 B (2)dbx 530 (2)Chandler Little Devil (2)Aphex EQF 500 (2)RANE PE15 EQ (2)Analog Craftsman Studers (2)Speck Electronics ASC-V500 (2)Great River Harrison EQ (1)GML 8200

Book Studio A

Studio A rates start at $70 per hour with a house engineer.
Chief engineer rates may vary depending on the scale and specific needs of the project. Inquire for pricing.