Our Studio B was designed to help independent artists achieve professional quality recordings while not breaking the bank. Some projects don’t require the size or flexibility of our larger studio, and we also wanted to keep our space accessible to all, so we created a room that offers a professional quality recording experience, while maintaining an affordable price point. When booking Studio B you get access to one isolation booth sized perfectly for individual vocal recording, two different sets of reference monitors, and access to one of our talented house engineers. Studio B is a terrific room for any range of artists, whether it be someone’s first time in a recording studio, or a seasoned veteran who might not need all that comes with Studio A.


Technical Info

Pro Tools 2020.11Yamaha NS10s, Tannoy Reveal 601a’s, and Yamaha HS10 subwooferFocusrite Saffire Pro 40Presonus Monitor StationUniversal Audio LA-610 Channel StripRupert Neve Designs 511FMR Audio RNC500FMR Audio RNLA500Speck Electronics ASC-V EQ---Our Studio B has a large list of available plugins and virtual instruments (including Auto-Tune Pro, Sound Toys, Waves Platinum, Izotope & Many More), but not everything Studio A has to offer. If there is something specific you are looking for, feel free to ask!

While Studio B has access to most of our mic locker, Studio A has first choice in mic selection, if both rooms are booked simultaneously.PLEASE NOTE: Studio A has the ability to book over Studio B sessions if necessary. We will always do our best to avoid having to move sessions around, but by nature of Studio B’s isolation booth being located in our live room, sometimes it cannot be avoided. Should this arise, you will always be provided with 24 hours notice.

Book Studio B

Studio B rates start at $40 per hour with a house engineer.
Chief engineer rates may vary depending on the scale and specific needs of the project. Inquire for pricing.